On her way to visit Ryan, Faye bumps into Maisie and suggests that Nathan could have taken her phone. At prison, Ryan is devastated when Faye tells him what's happened and she's left reeling when he makes a scene and is dragged away. Angry, Faye decides to confront Maisie about the pain she's caused, while Nathan smugly looks on. Meanwhile, Eve follows Carl round the back of The Woolpack and they can't control themselves as they kiss passionately. Eve stops him and seductively tells him if they are going to do this, they do it properly. Will Carl give in to Eve's demands and arrange a hotel room? Elsewhere, Lizzie is offended when she overhears a comment that Viv makes about her; Scarlett and Eve announce they are going to start a hen and stag party planning business; Nicola apologises to Moira and Val for her recent behaviour; and Carl is incredulous when Jimmy tells him that he's going to work in the pub full-time.


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