Henry is angry that development at the building site has been held up by the skull discovery, while David is worried that Jack will take Gwen from him.


Sam refuses to go to Hawthorn Cottage to see the twins; he makes them a wooden boat each. He's annoyed when he has to answer the telephone for the first time. Penny, Gwen and David wait for a professor to come and examine the bones they found. Amos arrives at Emmerdale Farm with a large drinks order for Henry; he chats to Gwen and offers her a job as a barmaid. She agrees to think about it. He also asks Penny. Sam visits the millhouse with an urgent message from Professor Jenkins from Bradford University for Gwen saying he's been delayed. Jack and Matt realise that if the pottery proves to be old it will make it difficult for Henry to build the pig unit on the site. Joe tends to Penny's injured foot; they kiss. Annie interrupts them. Gwen pushes for a hold up at the building site. Henry tries to restore his smoke damaged furniture. Annie asks him about Alison, but he keeps quiet. David picks a quarrel with Jack and they row again. A friend of Jenkins, Winthrop, arrives to inspect the suspected burial ground. Annie is annoyed at Sam for taking the telephone message down to the millhouse on his own. Henry is annoyed over the hold up on the building site.


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  • The Mill - Penny's bedroom, Jack's bedroom, exterior
  • Emmerdale Farm - Farmhouse kitchen/living room and Henry's bedroom, field


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