Jimmy is floored when Nicola admits that she doesn't want the pub life anymore. He's incredulous at her change of heart as it's come just as he's enjoying himself. However, when she starts to get upset about missing out on Angelica and the family, he is torn. As they tentatively approach Diane about it, she explodes and screams at them to get out. Meanwhile, Aaron and Jackson return from holiday and confide to Hazel that they may try to live together permanently. However, they hit a rocky patch when Jackson sabotages Aaron's attempt to sell Pearl the dodgy car. Elsewhere, Declan shocks Natasha by asserting his authority at Home Farm and sacking Nathan; Hannah fails to tell Victoria the truth about her love life; Carl makes another pass at Eve; Charity hopes Declan will take her on as his PA; Diane makes an apology to Doug; and Abi introduces Ryan to his new cellmate Curtis.


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