Pearl sees Mickey near Smithy, she asks if he's here to speak to Paddy when she notices his dog has blood on him, unaware of Clyde lying severely injured by his kennel. Jackson invites Cain to join him and Aaron for a drink later. Going home to feed Clyde, Aaron pushes past Paddy, who's still irritated from yesterday. Paddy and Rhona rush to help when they hear Aaron's shout, shocked at the state of Clyde. In the pub with Cain, Jackson gets a call from Aaron and joins him in Smithy. He has to stop Aaron going after Mickey when Pearl mentions seeing Mickey with his dog once Paddy announces Clyde's been attacked by another animal. Jackson gets angry with Aaron, explaining the futility of seeking revenge from Mickey. Paddy tells Aaron to say goodbye to Clyde and he sobs as Paddy administers the fatal injection. Carl retreats into his office after Eve heads out, rejecting Edna's offer of a sandwich. Jimmy's aware of an atmosphere. Heading to the pub to meet Edna later, Eve tentatively agrees to meet Carl in an hour. Jimmy's suspicious when Carl storms off, indignant, after Jimmy warns him about getting involved with Eve. Grateful when Edna offers to cook her tea, Eve briefly meets Carl to tell him she's returning to France for a while to try and sort things with her ex and to put some distance between them. Leyla's worried when she lets onto Justin that Alicia and Jacob are staying with her when he calls. Justin arrives, Leyla leaves him and irate Alicia to try and sort things out. Visiting Leyla in the pub before leaving, Justin tells her that his coming was futile and he and Alicia are no closer to reconciling. Leyla's dreading having to admit the truth to David, but is troubled when Alicia promises that she and Jacob will move on before David returns.


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