Leyla begs David to forgive her for not telling him sooner. Catching them arguing, Alicia reminds them that Jacob is unaware Leyla is his biological mother. David's speechless when Leyla tells him she wants Alicia and Jacob to stay. Staggered by the revelation, David confides in Pollard. Listening to Pollard's advice not to throw away what he has with Leyla, David asks Leyla to explain. He starts to understand her reluctance to talk about Jacob when she explains what she had to give up to give him to Alicia and she sobs with relief when David tells her he doesn't want them to break up over it, but she tells him that now it's out in the open, if he chooses to remain with her he has to accept that she comes as a package with Alicia and Jacob. Catching Aaron storming around the house collecting Jackson's belongings up, Paddy advises him that real men can admit when they're wrong. Jackson's torn when Hazel advises him to screen calls from Aaron. After leaving him waiting, Jackson eventually turns up to meet Aaron, avoiding the issue when Aaron apologises, admitting he's wrong. They scatter Clyde's ashes and after Aaron promises he'll try and sort himself out, Jackson agrees to give him another shot. Faye visits Ryan, who's increasingly despondent about his pending trial, aware that he doesn't stand a chance if Maisie doesn't return. Declan hears Faye telling Jai about Ryan's court date and when Jai questions him about what happened with Natasha, Declan decides to confide in him. Abi feels for Ryan and the two of them are about to kiss when Curtis interrupts. Diane's touched when Doug finally comes out and offers himself as a friend should she ever need someone to talk to.


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