Maisie is determined to get the truth from her brother and confronts Nathan about killing Mark. She tries to get through to him, but he feigns innocence and deflects her questions. After his run-in with Maisie, Nathan is even more determined to see Ryan go down, believing that it is the only way to get his sister back. Natasha is relieved to have him back on side. Meanwhile, when a social worker turns up, Val and Eric are stunned to discover that Amy is a 15-year-old runaway. The pair hear that Amy has a history of lying and her foster parents are lovely. As Amy is driven away, she signals to Victoria to call her. Elsewhere, Leyla offers to watch Jacob while Alicia works at her new job; Maisie tries to make Cain feel guilty for not helping Ryan; and the crash aftermath continues at the hospital as the doctor breaks terrible news.


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