Alicia reluctantly lets Leyla take Jacob to TJ's birthday party with a stern warning to watch what Jacob eats. At the party, Leyla lets Jacob have a piece of cake that Brenda is certain has no nuts in. However, Jacob goes into anaphylactic shock and Leyla has to quickly use an epi-pen. Alicia quickly accuses Leyla of being neglectful and rushes Jacob to hospital. When they return, Leyla is left reeling when Alicia drums it into her and seethes she knows nothing about being a mother. Meanwhile, Maisie is more determined than ever to make Nathan crack and winds him up by revealing that she's staying at Faye's. Later, Cain tells Maisie and Faye that Ryan has asked him to look out for them, but they insist his efforts would be received better in court. Elsewhere, Jai makes new business plans, and Nikhil is put out when Maisie insists she just needs a friend at the moment.


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