Holly's recent efforts with Hannah look to be paying off when she is invited to go to the village with her sister to meet Isaac. However, Hannah is distracted by Isaac and chases after Holly when she notices her slip away. Hannah catches Holly buying drugs and storms home to tell their parents. Holly puts on the defensive, but slyly slips the wrap from Hannah's bag when no-one is looking. Moira is left reeling when Hannah reveals Isaac dumped her after she chased after Holly. Meanwhile, Faye tries to reassure a nervous Maisie as she worries about her day in court. As the trial continues, the defence presents the photo of Ryan wearing the chain at Gennie and Jamie's leaving party. Later, it's Maisie's turn on the stand and, feeling pushed, she stuns the jury when she accuses Nathan of framing Ryan. Ryan can't contain his temper as the prosecution test Maisie, and the judge orders him to be removed from court. Elsewhere, Rhona urges Paddy to keep quiet about their sleeping arrangements after the party; Nathan desperately tries to escape from his prison; and Paddy feels guilty when he finds out about the mix-up with Pearl.


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