Alicia spitefully insults Chas again and, not one to be made fun of, Chas decides to take revenge. At the lingerie party, Chas is fuming when Alicia spits that Chas is too old for sexy underwear. Picking on the wrong Dingle, Alicia feels the wrath when Chas locks her in a cupboard and steal her clothes. Later, Alicia turns up in The Woolpack wearing a small dressing gown as Chas throws her clothes at her. Meanwhile, Paddy is apprehensive when Marlon asks him if he and Rhona have fallen out again. Marlon admits that he's noticed how distant she's been and is going to confront her. However, he's hurt and puzzled when Rhona snaps that there's nothing wrong. Elsewhere, Hazel is taken aback when Viv angrily confronts her about being in a relationship with Bob; Cain is jealous when Jai and Charity celebrate their business venture; and Eve is annoyed when Carl doesn't look like he's going to end things with Chas.


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