Aaron, Hazel, Jerry and Adam rally round Jackson's bedside as he awaits his operation. Hazel attempts to keep the mood light-hearted, but when doctors arrive to take Jackson to surgery, the atmosphere becomes sombre and everyone is left to say their goodbyes. As they await Jackson's return, Adam attempts to get a subdued Aaron to talk, but his reluctance is obvious. With no sign of Jackson, Aaron starts quizzing anyone that walks past, anxious to know he's okay. Moments later, Jackson is returned to his room but the consultant has no news. They are told to wait until Jackson comes round and so the waiting game agonisingly continues. Meanwhile, sensing Nathan's urgency to sell Home Farm, Declan makes him a second offer - one which is even lower than the first. Declan goads Nathan by declaring that he's the only interested party and vows that his offers will get lower every time Nathan rejects them. Later, a suited and booted Nathan smugly passes a curious Declan and explains that he has a very important business meeting to attend. Elsewhere, Paddy and Rhona try to act as if nothing happened the previous day, Amy returns to greet Val and Victoria, and Viv accuses Bob of not taking her fears seriously.


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  • Forgetting by David Gray is used as incidental music in the opening scenes of this episode, in which Jackson (who had been listening to the song through his headphones) is being prepped for theatre, before fading to Aaron lying on Jackson's bed.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 7,890,000 viewers (17th place).
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