Paddy is still reluctant to tell Marlon the truth, so Rhona calls Marlon to arrange to meet him. Paddy is anxious when Marlon questions what Rhona could want to meet for. Later, Rhona realises she has missed her period and rushes out to buy a test. Marlon's annoyed at being stood up by his ex and refuses to let her mess him around anymore. At the vets, Rhona tearfully explains to Paddy that things have just got a lot worse. He's stunned when she reveals she's pregnant and the baby must be Marlon's. Meanwhile, Carl is incredulous to find his van backlight smashed and turns on Aaron, thinking he was responsible. Angry, he spitefully blames Aaron for Jackson's condition. Chas struggles to keep a lid on her temper, but manages to keeps her cool and calmly tells Carl that Aaron wasn't responsible for the damage to his van. She then flirtily suggests that he should keep tomorrow night free. Elsewhere, Ella winds Declan up about the possibility of staying on atHome Farm, and Val is thoughtful when Amy arrives in the village and tells her that social services pay a fortune to foster parents.


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