It's the morning after the night before, and Chas' façade shows signs of cracking as Carl feigns enthusiasm about their engagement. Determined, she makes it clear that she wants the wedding sooner rather than later. However, when Carl resists her enthusiasm to have the wedding ASAP, Chas begins to panic that she won't be able to pull off her master plan. After relaying her concerns to Charity, she's reassured the scam will work - she just needs to up the ante and get him down the aisle fast. In the pub that night, Chas orders orange juice and the penny finally drops for Carl, who's elated when she 'confirms' that she's pregnant. But Chas is lying. Meanwhile, Maisie is clearly having second thoughts about Nathan's plan for her and Will to settle with him in London, but refuses to acknowledge her own doubts and objects when Ryan tries to convince her to stay. Elsewhere, Marlon gives Rhona and Paddy the cold shoulder before pouring his heart out to Zak; Holly is in agony as she slips back into withdrawal; Amy has her feet well under the table at the B&B and continues to work on Val's soft side; Belle and Will plan their final days of mischief before he leaves the village; and Aaron can't believe his mum is being so stupid as to marry Carl, but she begs him to trust her this time.


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