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John has spent the night in his Land Rover and is refusing to talk to Moira. Holly is terrified as she heads back to withdrawal, but Moira can't help her and is at a loss as to what to do. When John arrives home full of anger, he calls Holly down and tells Moira he has a wrap - he wants to know what's so great about heroin. John tells Holly to set it up for him and they'll share it, but she refuses. He asks which she loves more - her family or the heroin. Holly is honest as she tells him she loves them, but he's heartbroken to see how much she needs that wrap. He breaks down in tears as he tells her they'll take it together. Holly brushes the wrap off the table and hugs John. Meanwhile, Mia takes her dad's car out and offers Adam a ride, while in the pub Ella can't resist firing barbed comments at Alicia. After Declan bemoans his wayward daughter, Ella tells Mia to be careful - if they want to stay, Declan's going to have to like having them around. Elsewhere, Hazel warns Bob not to get caught up in Viv's emotional blackmail; Pearl is thrilled about Rhona's baby news; and Hazel finally manages to convince Jackson that he won't ever be a burden to her - but there's a sense he wishes the same could be said of Aaron.


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  • Gavin Blyth Tribute (Episode 5780).png
    As the credits rolled, a tribute to current series producer Gavin Blyth was played. Blyth had died a week before this episode was broadcast. (See image)
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 8,060,000 viewers (23rd place).

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