Chas is worried about the number of people who'll be caught in the crossfire at the wedding. However, as she and Carl hand out the invites, she knows there's no going back. Chas feels terrible when Carl arranges to go to Wishing Well for dinner and tries to cancel, but Carl won't have it and insists on going. As Carl makes a heartfelt speech at dinner and Zak welcomes him to the family, Chas feels wretched, but is sure she's sensed a change in him. Meanwhile, Paddy and Marlon sit together in the café and although it's awkward, their old banter returns to disguise the deeper issue. Later, when Rhona tells Paddy she has a scan tomorrow, he suggests asking Marlon to come along. Marlon tells her he hasn't changed his mind but gives his blessing for Paddy to go. Elsewhere, Charity gets Jai to agree to a £10,000 sweetener to get the Dingles to agree to the deal; Hazel is determined to get Dale Head ready for Jackson in time for Christmas but there is a lot of work of be done; and Viv is touched by Terry's genuine concern for her.


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Memorable dialogue

Jimmy King: (after Carl has been offered to come to dinner at the Dingles) "It'll be an initiation. You'll wake up tomorrow, on the moor, naked, with a headache and strange scars."

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