Donald is shocked and consumed by guilt after discovering Harry has died. Meanwhile, Maurice tries to get Judy to go to Wales with him.


Annie asks Jack about the writing Henry wanted him to do, but he says that hehasn't got time with Joe away. Dolly's pleased that Donald has decided to take more of an interest in Harry. Annie reveals that Harry was married once long ago. His wife was found drowned and it was ruled an accident, but there were still rumours in the village. Donald is coming to visit Harry, but discovers that he has been found dead in a chair by the postman. When Dolly hears the news she is very upset. P.C. Edwards visits Donald in an attempt to establish time of death for Harry, and finds him struggling with guilt over the way he acted towards Harry. Judy is undecided about whether she will stay in the village or go with Maurice to north Wales. When Donald is out walking he meets Sam and they talk about Harry and Sam is worried that he will have the same reputation as Harry after he's gone. He decides to change the way he acts. Jack and Judy have a talk about the relationship between parent and child among humans vs among animals. Jack says that parents should let their children live their own lives when they've grown old enough and that the children shouldn't become martyrs by sacrificing their own happiness to look after their parents in their old age. Judy then tells Maurice that she's decided to stay in Beckindale and he reveals he already knew that before she did. Donald talks to Annie about how he feels he let Harry Moore down, but she says he did the best he could.


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