Joe decides to buy a motorbike, whilst Jack and David find themselves at loggerheads yet again.


A letter arrives for Jack, while Joe receives a motorbike catalogue. Archaeologists work in the field. Amos says he overheard David talking about the possibility of a preservation order being put on the area. Jack is trying to work and becomes furious with David and Gwen when they are extremely noisy outside the millhouse. Annie asks Henry to have a word with Joe about him buying a motorbike. The dig continues on the burial mound, Buckley angrily tells Winthrop that he has until tomorrow morning. Jack calls a meeting with David, Gwen and Penny and soon clashes with David again. Henry becomes interested in what the archaeologists might uncover. Joe begins to think about life away from Emmerdale Farm, he tells Jack and Henry he wants to sell his share of the farm to buy a motorbike.


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