Eric is avoiding Val and she is avoiding him. Amy tells David about Michael's accusations. David tries to speak to Eric but he walks away. Adam breaks up with Scarlett, she is devastated. Will is playing games with Belle, he keeps getting calls on his mobile and eventually throws it on the floor, breaking it. He confides in Belle that Nathan keeps calling him. Ella goes to Jai for advice on how to win Declan back. Eric tells Val about what happened with Elizabeth and how he couldn't let her keep implicating him. Ella tries to make an effort with Declan based on Jai's advice, but doesn't count on Dermot also being there. When Dermot realises what he has walked in on, he leaves, giving them privacy. Declan asks her what's going on. She explains but he is unresponsive. Eric tells Val about what happened the night that Elizabeth died and admits that he would have killed her if the circumstances had turned out differently. Val tells him to leave.


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