Chas, Gennie and Katie are woken by another prank call. They consider changing the number. Jimmy speaks to Scarlett about her going to Canada. She tells him to stop worrying as it's only a holiday. Chas confronts Andy, suspecting him of the prank phone calls, she demands to see his phone. Andy is baffled. Gennie drags her away. Ryan has given Will a new phone and he is chuffed with it. He says he wants him, Ryan and Maisie to live somewhere new as a proper family. Ryan tells him he will think about it. Charity tells Jai that planning permission has come through. Adam continues to chase Mia. He tells her that he's no longer seeing Scarlett and asks if she wants to go for a drink. She declines but says she may call him. Pollard tries to speak to Val but Diane won't let him through. Ryan tells Maisie about Will's comment about living together. He tells her that could never happen and demands that she tell him. Maisie is shocked by his tone. She talks to Will but accedentily manages to get his hopes up even more. Scarlett leaves for Canada. Nikhil talks to Faye about Maisie, telling her that he believes Maisie is the one. Faye tells him to tell her. Will tells Belle that he might be leaving. She is gutted. Andy calls on Katie to check to see if she is alright after Chas accusing him of being the prank caller. Katie apologises for Chas, but Chas orders him out. Zak invites Derek back to his house for drinks. Nikhil proposes to Maisie. She is gobsmacked and asks for time to think. Derek helps Lisa to set his bed up, he gives her a kiss on the cheek for being a lovely lady. Lisa is flattered.


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