Maisie is awkward around Nikhil. Derek continues to flirt with Lisa, but she takes it in good spirits. Nikhil tells Jai he proposed to Maisie. Jai thinks he's an idiot. Maisie goes to see Ryan at the garage and tells him Nikhil proposed. Jai asks for two people to do overtime at the factory. Lisa volunteers, followed by Derek. Maisie makes it clear to Ryan that she still has feelings for him. He tells her that is why they cannot live together and tells her to make her own decision on the proposal and not use him as an excuse. At the factory, Lisa and Derek begin their overtime. Derek begins flirting with Lisa again. A furious Alicia bursts into the shop, annoyed that Justin has taken Jacob for a pizza from school without asking her. Maisie talks to Diane about Nikhil's proposal. It's clear that Maisie doesn't really love him. Diane tells her to not cling to him through security. Maisie goes home to sort it out. Derek tells Lisa that he doesn't think Zak appreciates her and that if she were single, he believes he would have gotten more than a kiss the previous night. Lisa is thrown by his forwardness. Maisie says yes to Nikhil's proposal. An unimpressed Will witnesses this. Zak offers to change the locks at Victoria Cottage. Derek's flirting with Lisa turns physical and he shoves her up against the lockers and rapes her.


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