Lisa has called in sick at the factory, she breaks down at home. Justin arrives at the shop looking for Jacob. Amy arrives to see Pollard and Val back together. They are grateful for her hard work, but Pollard reminds her that she's only temporary and she gets upset and storms out. Leyla asks Justin to stop the court case saying that Alicia is worried that he will bring up the fact that Leyla's his real mother. Zak tells Derek that Lisa is off colour. Terry rescues Viv from her dancing partner, Ron, who is boring her to death. Will apologises to Belle for yelling at her. They make plans but he drops her for Ryan. Val discusses Amy with Pollard. He tells her they never agreed to give her a permanent home. Val wants her to stay permanently. Leyla suggests to Alicia that she give Justin access to Jacob. Pollard and Val tell Amy that they are looking into fostering her. Debbie notices Lisa is upset and takes her home. When quizzed, Lisa screams that she was raped. Terry and Viv have been dancing. They both flirt with each other. Doug admits to Diane that he is seeing someone. Lisa explains what happened to Debbie but tells Debbie that she doesn't know who it was and admits that Zak does not know.


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