Will says he is too ill for school. Henshall invites Katie for dinner tomorrow, she leaves him hanging. Maisie asks Ryan to her engagement drinks at Home Farm. Andy gives Katie a bracelet to replace the one she had taken. This makes Katie suspicious of him as she never confirmed what item of jewellery was missing. The engagement party is underway at Home Farm. Jai comments that the engagement won't last. Will overhears. Terry finds Viv drinking alone in the closed cafe. He calls her sexy and asks if she wants to dance. She does and moves in for a kiss. Nikhil goes down on one knee at the engagement party and presents Maisie with a ring. Katie returns the bracelet to Andy. Will is clearly unhappy at the party. Nikhil tries to talk to him but he jumps up shouting and then breaks down. Andy is surprised with Katie as he thought they were getting back together. She tells him that they both need to move on. Maisie explains to Nikhil that Will misses his family. She breaks down and tells Nikhil she is only getting engaged to him for Will. She tells him she can't marry him and hands the ring back to him.


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