Viv is still asleep on the sofa as the flames lick through the room. Belle talks to Lisa about Will. Betty is upset about her stuff. Terry and Carl try to break in the front door of the shop. Bob arrives with keys. They open the door but are forced back by smoke. Victoria has a fear of fire and won't move, Diane and Amy try to get her out. Bob goes in to get the twins and Terry goes in after Viv. Hazel gives Jackson a commentary on the fire. She wants to get him out of bed and into his chair in case it spreads further. Bob emerges from the shop with the twins. Carl will not let go Bob go back in as Terry has not yet emerged with Viv. The fire brigade arrive and usher people away. T.J. asks about his dad. Bob explains the layout of the shop as Marlon comforts a distraught Brenda. Amy manages to talk Victoria into leaving the Woolpack. Terry is still inside the shop with Viv. The fire fighters are instructed to go inside, just as a huge explosion takes place. Declan, Jai and Nikhil are now drunk in the factory. A firefighter ushers everyone into Pear Tree where they start to pray for Terry and Viv. Jackson tells Hazel that he hates life in his chair and can't cope. Betty is taken to hospital. Edna looks after T.J.. The residents fear the worst for Terry and Viv as there is still no news about them. A firefighter arrives and confirms their fears, the firefighters have been pulled out, Terry and Viv are dead.


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