Ashley asks Andy to leave the church. Henshall, Katie and Diane follow him out. Andy tells Henshall that he could have told them that he was cleared. Henshall and Katie go back to the church. Prior tells Henshall she doesn't think he should have got involved. Andy can't believe that nobody stuck up for him. He tells Diane to go back to the church. Debbie leaves the church as Ashley speaks about Terry and remembers Viv. Alan starts to say a few words about Terry. Debbie goes to see Andy. Bob emotionally speaks about Terry and Viv. Debbie tells Andy to wait until the police find out who did it but Andy can't sit back while everyone suspects him of murder. At the Woolpack, Bob tells stories about Viv. Charity has to stop Cain having a pop at Jai. Andy wakes in the back room. Alicia sees him and sympathises. Henshall goes to see Katie at Victoria Cottage. Brenda thanks Bob for his help and wants to re-pay him by going to Viv's funeral next week. Alicia manages to cheer Andy up a little. Diane reassures him that Henshall will find who was responsible. Henshall tells Katie he suspects the person who started the fire was just trying to scare her, not kill her. He vows to protect her. Alicia apologises on behalf of Andy to Brenda, but Brenda storms out. Jai tells Cain he's not scared of him. Cain gives him another warning. Katie tells Henshall he's the best thing that's happened to her in ages and hugs him. He comforts her.


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