Andy decides to stay at the caravan on Butlers to get away from the gossip for a while. Brenda accuses him of running away. Diane worries about his decision, saying that he won't be able to defend himself. Andy tells her he needs to go to stop him from losing his temper and incriminating himself. Nicola asks Jimmy about having another child. Jimmy gets a phone call from Kelly Windsor but hides it from Nicola. Betty wants to get to know Dermot better. She invites him to play their game of canasta. Laurel returns Betty's fully restored photo album she thought was destroyed. Bob's touched that everyone wants to contribute to Viv's unofficial memorial in the pub. He and Brenda leave for Viv's funeral down South. Chas starts to suspect Carl of starting the fires. When Carl angrily lashes out at her after she confronts him, she tells Henshall he ought to question him. Henshall confronts a drunken Carl in the Woolpack and when he drunkenly pushes Henshall away from him, he is arrested for breach of the peace. Jackson snipes at Aaron, saying that they're spending too much time together.


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