Debbie is frustrated that Cain and Charity are still not talking, with Cain sleeping on the sofa. She tries talking Cain around but he refuses to listen. Charity visits Jai, pleased to find out she's still got a job. Cain's intrigued when Faye buys him a drink and sits next to him. Charity's impressed that Jai refuses to back down to Cain and tells her that he thinks they make a good team. Debbie and Ryan are bemused to see Cain and Faye flirting in the pub. Aaron is uncomfortable when Cain asks about last night, asking how Jackson feels about him going out. He visits Jackson, interrupting his video diary, and guiltily underplays how much fun he had. Jackson tries to keep things sounding light. He feels guilty when Adam tells him it was good to see him back on form and having fun again. They go to Bar West for a game of pool and Aaron's attracted to Flynn, who obviously fancies him back. Aaron's clearly tempted when Flynn offers him his number. Aaron feels guilty when he returns to see Jackson and lies about not haing a good night. Jackson notices but doesn't say anything. Aaron's conflicted when he gets a text from Flynn. Leyla tells David the till's £10 short. She bites her tongue when Alicia promises to take Jacob out for dinner when he complains about missing his Dad. Leyla's pleased when Alicia concedes to let Jacob call Justin when they return from their dinner. Leyla and David try to persuade Alicia she can't stop Justin from seeing Jacob when Jacob gets upset after talking to his Dad. Turner invites Marlon to dinner. He tells him he has plans with Paddy, but feels uncomfortable when Rhona and Paddy awkwardly tell him they've made dinner plans together. Rhona insists Marlon feel the baby kicking before heading off with Paddy.


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