Aaron tells Paddy about Jackson wanting to break up, determined not to let Jackson down again. He visits Jackson and refuses to let them break up, but Jackson remains adamant. Aaron leaves Jackson finally able to show his devastation. He tells Hazel who's furious when he explains Aaron's met someone else. He remains unconvinced when Hazel assures him Aaron loves him more than he knows. Swallowing his guilt, Aaron calls Flynn. Henshall is caught when Prior asks him if he's seeing Katie. Prior's shocked when Henshall accuses her of trying to get him kicked off the case to benefit her own career. Henshall tells Katie about Andy as he gets a message from his DI asking to speak with him. He furiously confronts Prior after being taken off the case. She's taken aback by his anger when he promises to hold her responsible if anything bad happens to Katie. He tells Katie that someone will pay. He visits Andy and holds his face near the gas ring, telling him he'll be watching closer than ever. Andy tells Adam about reporting Henshall, sure he's done the right thing. Lisa stays in the factory when Derek offers to buy everyone lunch in the pub. Later she reassures Samson who's nervous about remembering his lines for the school play, but is obviously finding it difficult being intimate with Zak. After the will reading, Gennie is concerned for Brenda seeing that she's determined to get drunk. Turner tries giving romance advice to Adam about Mia when he spots Dermot asking Pearl for a cards rematch.


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