Val and Eric read the riot act to Amy, but when she overhears Moira saying that she's a bad influence on Hannah, she goes AWOL. Later, David and Leyla catch her arguing with a bouncer having been thrown out of a bar and escort her home. Val is furious and asks why they should care about her when she clearly doesn't care about them. Amy begs them to give her another chance, but Val thinks they should face facts - maybe they've got it all wrong and they're not cut out for this. Amy explains to David that she has messed up good and proper and needs his help to make things right. Seeing a flash of vulnerability, David says that he has an idea of how to help. Later, Amy approaches Val and Eric with a list of ground rules that she promises to stick to if they just let her prove herself. Meanwhile, with Jackson on his mind, Aaron is distant and abrupt with Flynn. Flynn is direct with Aaron and wants to know why he's not the guy he met the other day. When Aaron can't bring himself to tell the truth, Flynn leaves, telling Aaron he has his number if he wants to be honest. Conflicted, Aaron doesn't stop him leaving. The next day, Flynn turns up at the garage and arranges to meet Aaron later in the pub so they can talk. Worried he'd be upset if he saw them together, Aaron tells Jackson that he's invited Flynn for a drink. Jackson is thrown but covers by agreeing to join them for a pint. Later, however, it looks like Jackson isn't coming and Flynn suggests they should go into town. Flynn spots the bus approaching and urges Aaron to hurry. Spotting Jackson and Hazel coming up the road, Aaron is faced with a choice. Jackson's heart then breaks as he sees Aaron turn and follow Flynn. Elsewhere, Charity is stunned when Jai gives her a flash new car; Alicia is grateful when Leyla gives her money to take Jacob bowling; Mia agrees to have lunch with Adam and Ella wonders if he's out of his depth with her; and Cain and Faye are both annoyed as Charity and Jai plan a business trip away in Leeds.


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  • This was a one-hour episode due to a friendly match between England and Denmark on Wednesday 9th February transmitting at 7:00pm.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 7,390,000 viewers (17th place).
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