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Clifford sustains an injury on the farm and is left eating his words when Carol proves to be his knight in shining armor. Meanwhile, Sam challenges Seth to a fishing competition to settle whose the better fisher.


Seth continues to evade Maurice Westrop's request for a written report. Amos' allotment breeds both mockery and curiosity in Seth, Sam, and other villagers. Jack is determined to buy some more stock for Emmerdale Farm's milking herd, but Matt wonders how Joe will react to this new move. Seth goes to Sam for help with his written report. Maurice worries how Judy will cope after he leaves for Wales; she assures him she'll be fine. Seth's dismissive attitude toward the large pike Sam caught in Ireland leads Sam to challenge him to a fishing competition. Clifford pulls out his back while trying to help a cow with a difficult birth. Over his objections, daughter Carol, with her brother Andy's help, finishes the delivery herself rather than call Matt for help. Matt confides in Jack that Dolly took Annie into Hotten to see a doctor because of knee pain. As Peggy assures her husband that everything will be fine with the birth, Carol and Andy look at the healthy calf, with Carol feeling pride in what she's accomplished.


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