Charity makes it clear to Jai that, despite Cain's obvious flaws, she loves him and can't cheat on him. Jai finally backs down and tries to get another room, but the hotel is fully booked. Adamant that she was promised a night on the tiles, Charity suggests that they check out but still have a night out. A short time later, Cain arrives at the hotel with champagne and flowers and asks the receptionist which room Charity is in. He's then informed that Jai was booked into a suite but he and Charity checked out. Back at the village, Faye consoles a furious Cain and, as they head back to hers, they stop and kiss. Cain is determined to get back at Charity, while Faye is aware of what he is up to and has her own motives. Back at Tenant's Cottage, they kiss passionately on the sofa. Meanwhile, Aaron is thrown when Flynn leaves him an evasive message claiming that he'll be out of town for a while. Later, Jackson apologises to Aaron for pushing him so hard and admits that he's been a bit of an idiot about the whole situation. Aaron confesses that he doesn't reckon anything will come of him and Flynn, and suggests that they should watch a DVD. Jackson is secretly chuffed. Elsewhere, Diane assures Laurel that she will speak to Doug; Dermot winds Mia up about Adam; and Rhona is desperate for Marlon to have a fling with Stephanie so that she can enjoy some time alone with Paddy.


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