Charity and Debbie witness Cain leaving Faye's and giving her a goodbye kiss. Charity immediately clocks what's going on and, with a surge of rage, she slaps Faye before screaming at Cain. Heading home, Charity locks Cain out before packing a bag. With Cain gone, she tells Debbie that she ignored temptation for a man who is ready to betray her at a drop of a hat. Later, Cain is stunned when Charity explains that she didn't sleep with Jai and she never would have. She adds she hopes sleeping with Faye was worth it as their relationship is now over for good. Cain insists that suits him fine, but his words ring a little hollow as he watches Charity walk away. Meanwhile, before Diane can tell Doug how she feels, he admits that he has taken her advice, seized the day and he and Hilary are going on a cruise. He adds if that goes well he is going to move back in with her. Devastated, Diane forces some words of congratulations and holds back her tears. Elsewhere, Henshall is pleased when Andy has an outburst in the pub, and Rhona reveals her plan to set up Marlon and Stephanie next week.


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