Doug pays a visit to the pub before leaving the village and, realising it is now or never, Diane bites the bullet as he's about to go. Doug is shocked when Diane tells him that she wishes she could turn back the clock because she thinks they would've been very happy together - and still could be if he would consider staying. Thrown that she has left it until now, Doug says that if Charlie wasn't a conman she'd be in France with him now, and Diane knows she can't deny it. Although they part on good terms, Diane is devastated to have lost her last chance with Doug. Meanwhile, when Andy hears that Katie and Henshall are having dinner at the B&B, he asks Alicia out for a meal there as friends. Katie can't relax with Andy there and an angry Henshall goes over to confront him. Henshall then brings the restaurant to a standstill and shocks Katie when he loses his temper, warning him to leave now and enjoy his freedom while he has it. Elsewhere, Faye tells Jai that Cain slept with someone else and when he asserts that he'll always choose Charity over her if she makes him choose, she warns him that she will use that against him in a tribunal if he ever tries to sack her. Later, Faye returns home to find Cain waiting for her - she leads him upstairs.


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