Henshall finds out from his colleague that a council security camera covers the entrance to the shop where he bought the phone that was used for the prank calls. Hiding his panic, Henshall asks Katie to go away with him on a short break and she agrees, thinking it'll do her good to get away from the village. However, stopping at Henshall's home en route, Katie is disturbed to discover some press clippings detailing how Henshall's first wife died in an arson attack. Katie is unaware as Henshall walks in behind her and sees she's found the articles. Meanwhile, tired of Marlon's fussing, Rhona and Paddy set up a 'chance' meeting in the pub with Stephanie - hoping to match-make. Marlon is unaware of their scheming and it's not until Rhona fakes sickness and makes a swift exit with Paddy that the penny drops. Marlon is left unimpressed by their effort to play cupid. Elsewhere, Nicola is miffed that Jimmy doesn't seem to have any time for her, and Val fails in an attempt to cheer up Diane.


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