As everyone takes in what Lisa has said, Derek insists that she is just a woman scorned and that they were having an affair. However, Chas assures everyone that this isn't something Lisa would lie about. Unsure what to do with Derek, Jai and Nikhil take him into their office and send everybody else home. Furious at the way he is being treated, Derek begs them to believe Lisa is lying, but Jai has no sympathy. Arriving at Wishing Well, Lisa draws all the strength she has and explains to Zak what happened with Derek. Zak is devastated at the thought of what his wife has been through and that she didn't confide in him. Zak admits that he wants to confront Derek. Meanwhile, Charity arrives to collect her car and, aware of Cain's prying eyes, she lets him see the sexy underwear she has treated herself to. His anger rising, Cain strides off home and vents his rage in front of Debbie and the kids. Elsewhere, Nicola is lost when Jimmy still can't be found, and Aaron takes a phone call from Flynn.


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