Lisa sees Zak is struggling with his anger and asks him to promise not to take the law into his own hands. Convincing him that the police need to deal with it once she has spoken to Belle and Sam, they head back home. Later that morning, the factory girls are incredulous to see Derek walk in and Jai and Nikhil tell him to leave. At the police station, Lisa is drained as she finishes her statement and Zak is struggling to control his emotions as the police officer explains what the next step is. Meanwhile, Cain admits to Debbie that he might have been wrong about Charity and Jai. Later, he awkwardly tells Charity that he is sorry and admits sleeping with Faye was a mistake. Allowing Cain to think his apology has worked, Charity pauses for a moment before loudly telling him where to go. Elsewhere, over a drink in the pub, Jackson is awkward when he is forced to admit to Aaron that he hasn't told his dad they are no longer together. Aaron then mentions his date with Flynn and checks Jackson's still fine with it. Jackson insists he is, but he struggles to hide his true feelings.


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