Aaron is annoyed to learn that Chas has been interfering and is put out when he gets an unenthusiastic welcome from Hazel and Jackson. Aaron tells Jackson that he's talking to his camera too often and should be confiding in him instead. Later, as Hazel, Jerry and Jackson head off to a hospital appointment in the ambulance, Aaron lets himself into Dale Head and finds the laptop. Aaron watches as Jackson opens up about his true feelings and he's shocked to the core to hear Jackson say he wants to die. Meanwhile, Carl is pained to find vulnerable Jimmy tearing himself apart, questioning whether he's the kind of man who would cheat on his wife. Jimmy nervously wonders why he feels so distant from Nicola, and despite Carl's assurances that they were solid and happy, Jimmy needs clarity on his relationship with Kelly. Carl is shocked when Jimmy takes out Kelly's number and address and both are concerned when it becomes apparent she's living in Peterborough. Elsewhere, John is annoyed to learn that Declan has offered Adam some work at Home Farm; Amy is enjoying flirting with David in the shop; and Alicia decides that she's had enough of Justin's underhand tactics for winning Jacob's affections.


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