Debbie agrees to spend the evening with Cameron. She then asks Cain to make himself scarce, so he invites Ryan on a night out. Ryan is suspicious when Cain takes him to a posh bar and is annoyed when he discovers that Cain has stolen the keys to a posh car from the bar, keen to make some cash. However, Ryan is adamant he doesn't want any involvement - there's no way he's going back to prison. At the same time, Debbie tells Cameron that it can't work because she knows that he'll cheat again. When Cameron insists he won't, Debbie agrees to his idea of giving him a trial to prove it to her and they embrace. Meanwhile, Scarlett is surprised that Jimmy is off work and tells Nicola that she's sure he and Carl have fallen out. Jimmy visits Carl, desperate to know exactly what Kelly said. Carl insists that he can't trust Kelly and needs to get his life back on track with Nicola, but Jimmy is determined to find out for sure whether he's been cheating or not. Elsewhere, an emotional outburst from Hazel prompts Jackson to decide that he would like to be Josh's godfather after all, and Faye celebrates her settlement in the pub with Ryan and Cain, declaring that it's time to move on.


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