Faye tells Ryan that she's leaving the village today and tries to tempt him to come abroad with her. However, Ryan admits that he's settled and his life remains in the village, so Faye accepts that she's going to have to cut the apron strings. Faye then gives Ryan her car keys and a cheque and heads out of the village to start a new life. Meanwhile, Hazel is planning Josh's christening with military precision. Aware the day has been manufactured around him, Jackson decides that he can't go through with it. In a moment of madness and fuelled by frustration, Aaron takes control and picks Jackson up - ready to drag him to the christening. With the realisation of his actions sinking in, Aaron is forced to admit the truth to Jackson - he and Hazel have seen his diary. Elsewhere, after spending the night with Cameron, Debbie ushers a reluctant Cameron out of Tug Ghyll, explaining that she's protecting Sarah from any confusion. Later, Cain is put out when Debbie threatens to kick him out if he gives her a hard time about Cameron. Elsewhere, Ryan reluctantly accepts payment from Cain for last night's dodgy antics; Alicia resents not being able to treat herself and Jacob; and Adam is intrigued when Declan offers him a more permanent role at the estate.


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