Kelly comes to Pear Tree looking for Jimmy, but Carl tries to warn her off again. However, much to Carl's annoyance, Jimmy later agrees to go with Kelly to talk to Elliot's nursery teacher. Subsequently, Eve finds Kelly alone in Tall Trees and shows her the 'proof' of her affair - Eve has mocked up photos of Kelly and Jimmy together and forged hotel receipts. After their meeting at the nursery, Kelly shows Jimmy one of the photos of them together. Jimmy is thrown by this apparent 'proof' of his infidelity. As Jimmy struggles to hide his guilt in front of Nicola, Kelly dares to hope she might win Jimmy yet. Meanwhile, Adam tries to give John and the farm a chance, but he's left frustrated when John teases that he knew Adam wouldn't be able to hack it up at the big house. Adam's further annoyed when John reverts to his old ways by favouring Andy and showing him no respect. Finally, Adam loses it and storms off. John blames the fact that Adam's ego can't take it, but Moira warns him to get over his own ego before he loses Adam for good. Elsewhere, Amy neglects the B&B but endears herself to David; Belle starts to realise the extent of the tension between Lisa and Zak; and Chas realises her break-up with Carl has made her more determined to make the partnership with Diane a success.


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