Sure of Adam's betrayal, John condemns Declan for using his son to do his dirty work but Declan insists that Adam knew nothing of his plans. However, after his dad has left, Adam learns that Mia knew about Declan's plan and storms out. Back at Butler's, John is mid-rant when Adam appears. With emotions running high, Adam throws down some cash on the table to cover his rent, convinced this is all he's worth to his own family. Moira's furious with John for driving Adam away. Later in the pub, there's an air of hostility but in a bid to make peace, Declan ups his cash offer to John. Taking offence, John laughs off Declan's offer before launching at him. As John is forced to leave, Declan declares war. Meanwhile, reeling from receiving the letter about Derek, Lisa questions Zak's reluctance at her case being re-opened, convinced he's ashamed of her. Later when the news has sunk in, Zak insists he'll be there for Lisa every step of the way and shows his support by holding her tight. Elsewhere, Amy tries to impress David after learning that he's going to be at a council do at the restaurant; and Alicia gloats about getting one up on Justin, but Andy lays down the law - distinctly unimpressed by Alicia's game-play.


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