Amy is all dressed up and looking forward to a night out with David and Leyla. Joining them in the pub, Amy invites herself along to their meal out but she's humiliated when she's refused service in the bar because she's underage and storms out. David follows her and Amy tells him she's fed up of being patronised. She asks whether he wants to go out into town with her but he turns her down. Staggering down a country lane later, Amy has a near-miss with a car. Cain's behind the wheel and he pulls over, furiously questioning her game. Laughing it off, Amy flirtatiously questions what Cain's doing working at such an hour and demands he take her home. As Cain pulls in to the garage, Amy refuses to get out and sets about seducing the village bad boy. Meanwhile, Mia's furious with Declan for putting her in such an awkward position with Adam and the Bartons. Mia pleads with Adam not to let her dad's underhanded business tactics get in the way of their relationship, but he's unable to see how it's ever going to work. Later, Adam challenges Declan - is he sure he didn't only employ him to get at his dad? Declan says no, but Adam goes to Moira and tells her that he's fed up with the Maceys. Elsewhere, Alicia's given her final warning by Chas, and John sets about making the tenancy side of their contract water-tight.


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  • This is the final episode to be produced by Gavin Blyth, who died 5 months earlier.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 6,050,000 viewers (19th place).
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