After an earful from Val and Pollard, Amy arrives in work late, full of apologies to Leyla for sleeping in. When David passes comment on how rough Amy looks, she boasts about spending the night with a sophisticated man. Concerned, David asks questions and Amy has no qualms in hinting that she hooked up with someone. Later, with no shame, Amy goes to Tug Ghyll to ask after her missing necklace, but Debbie's disgusted to realise what Amy is insinuating. Accosting her father, Debbie lets rip but Cain tries to play it cool, despite his clear embarrassment when he realises Amy's age. When Amy spots Cain locking up she's put out to feel his wrath, hurling abuse his way when he makes it clear he wants nothing more to do with her. David watches on mortified as Cain is quick to dismiss the young teen's affections. Heading to comfort her, Amy clearly enjoys David's attention. Meanwhile, Chas continues to make life difficult for Alicia at work, instructing her to do the dirty work and reducing her shifts. With money tighter than ever, Alicia's financial future looks bleak so when she finds the keys to her sister's shop, she helps herself to them. Letting herself in, Alicia hesitates before heading in with a large handbag on her shoulder. Elsewhere, John's stubbornness starts to cause more family friction; Marlon's enthusiasm for the baby overwhelms Rhona and he pressurises her into allowing the baby to stay at his house for a few days a week; and Jimmy offers to pay for Kelly and Elliot to stay at Marlon's.


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