Hannah is dressed to impress as she sits outside the pub with Victoria and Amy. However, she's mortified when John and Moira embarrass her in front of Alex, telling her that it's time she headed back and finished her revision. Alex walks her home and invites her back to his caravan for a beer. Keen to prove she's not a kid, Hannah leans forward and kisses him. He kisses her back and they fall back on to the bed to sleep together. Meanwhile, Marlon is outraged when Chas tells him that he can have his paternity leave, but no flexi time. When she discovers the baby has Down's Syndrome, she apologises, but Marlon is still annoyed. At the same time, Rhona remains determined that it's not practical for the baby to be on the other end of the village, so she visits Marlon and tells him that it can't work how he'd like. As he digests the news, he tells her that he understands but it's clear he's deeply hurt by the bombshell. Elsewhere, Kelly is walking through the village with Jimmy when she notices he's distracted by Nicola and is having another flashback - he remembers bringing Angelica home from hospital. Kelly does her best to try and distract him from his memories and make him focus on the here and now with her and Elliot, but it's clear that Jimmy is affected by his flashback. Also, Adam is embarrassed when Ella is all over Declan as he tries to discuss business with him; and Gennie is gutted when Nikhil invites Katie out on a date.


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