Leyla heads off to town, leaving David and Amy alone together. Hearing David arrange to meet Leyla, Amy pretends to be upset by a customer giving her an admiring glance and David offers to stay with her instead. Amy and David's conversation gets quite deep and she convinces herself that he's giving her the come-on. She takes the plunge and moves in to kiss David, who's shocked and pushes her away. Amy then makes a fast exit, feeling heartbroken and humiliated. Meanwhile, Lisa has spent the night at Debbie's following her row with Zak. When Zak sees Lisa later, he pleads with her - insisting that she's everything to him and he doesn't know what else to say. Lisa relents slightly and tells him that she'll move back in, but he has to sleep in the spare room and that's the best she can offer for now. Zak's happy but also more than aware that there's still a huge gulf between them. Elsewhere, determined to ensure Jackson has the best time possible, Hazel convinces a fisherman to take her, Aaron and Jackson out to sea on a fishing trip; Gennie is gutted to realise Chas stayed over at Nikhil's; and Hannah is upset to see Alex flirting with Victoria.


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