Adam's event has been a great success and he is delighted to receive praise from Declan. Later, when Adam catches a client trying to make a move on Ella, he comes to her rescue. Ella thanks him and, as she leaves the room, she smiles at him for slightly too long before brushing closely past him - making her feelings for him much clearer. Adam is left half excited, half terrified. Meanwhile, Victoria enters the shop to hear David leaving a message for Amy to call him. Questioning why he would do that if he didn't have a guilty conscience, it's clear that Victoria still believes Amy's side of the story. Victoria shares what she heard with Diane and it's clear that she too doubts his tale. Elsewhere, as Jackson tells Hazel and Aaron that he loves them and had a great time in Whitby but this isn't reality, it dawns on them that he still feels the same way.


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  • The press release on Digital Spy for this episode included information on Val, yet she does not appear in the episode. The press release stated that "Victoria shares what she heard with Val" rather than Diane and also that "As they share their concerns with Pollard, Val finally relents and calls the police."
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 7,210,000 viewers (15th place).
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