Jackson tells Aaron to leave, refusing to be watched every minute of the day. Paddy confronts Aaron about what happened in Whitby, determined to make him talk, but Aaron can't bring himself to confide. Later, Jackson tells Aaron that he knows this is unfair on him, so it's over between them. Jackson tries to say goodbye, but Aaron cracks and promises to stand by him. Meanwhile, Declan praises Ella for making the deal with John happen and gives her a kiss. Ella is pleased to finally feel noticed by him, but later he is back to focusing on work. When Adam comes on to Ella in the office, she warns him that they need to be careful or Adam will find himself in trouble, but it's obvious she's enjoying being desired. Elsewhere, Victoria is relieved to get a call on her mobile from Amy and confides in Alex that Amy needs money. Later, Victoria asks Diane if she can borrow some cash. Victoria tells Hannah that she's meeting Amy but insists she keep quiet. Also, Eve is amused when Chas enjoys kissing Nikhil in the pub to make Carl jealous.


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