David is suspicious after seeing Victoria on her mobile and decides to follow her. Victoria meets Amy at a café where she is working and tries to convince her to go back to the village, but Amy refuses. After Victoria hands her some cash and leaves, David approaches and asks her to go home. He apologises for making her feel stupid, but explains that she caught him off guard and admits he didn't handle it well. He reminds her how much Pollard and Val care about her and want her home. Amy realises David is worried about his own reputation too and quickly claims he'll have to pay her to get him off the hook. Meanwhile, Hazel gets a shock when a social worker turns up unexpectedly, asking questions about Jackson's welfare now that Joe has gone. Paranoid that social services are onto them, Hazel is defensive and tells her to leave. Elsewhere, Moira is concerned when Holly and Roz decide to have a night out together. After receiving a text from Ella, Adam suggests that Mia should join Holly and Roz for a girls' night out. Later, Moira is furious when the girls return home drunk and rebukes Roz, saying that she trusted her to look after Holly. However, John tells her that she's over-reacting. Also, Jai tells Charity that she's out of a job now that the barn conversion is done, while Eve agrees to go for a drink with Kelly to wind up Carl .


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