Nicola is shocked when Jimmy calls her 'Nico' in the street, without realising the significance of what he's said. Later, Scarlett finds Jimmy looking at wedding photos and memories of the day come back to him. Jimmy soon rushes to Rodney's and as memories come flooding back, he realises he's made the biggest mistake of his life by turning his back on Nicola. Meanwhile, Eric informs Val of Amy's decision. Val is furious that he made such a mess of it and didn't let her get involved. When Val accuses Eric of just wanting rid, Eric lets slip that he didn't have much choice in taking her on in the first place, so Val storms out in disgust. Later, Eric tries to make her see that Amy doesn't care about them, just as Amy turns up at the B&B. Val is speechless as she hugs her. Elsewhere, Jackson and Hazel receive a visit from Steve and his wife Annie. Steve excitedly shares the news that Annie is pregnant and they've just had their three-month scan. They all go for a drink together to celebrate. Back home, Hazel bursts into tears as the reality of what lies ahead hits her. Also, Moira agrees to Holly and Roz going to the cinema to celebrate Roz's birthday; Rhona is grateful for Marlon's support when she has Braxton Hicks contractions; Ella resents seeing Declan checking out Katie; and Laurel and Ashley enjoy a date together until Nicola joins them to drown her sorrows.


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