With Cameron away on a driving job, Chas forces a disinterested Debbie into a night at the pub. At the same time, Jai buys Charity flowers in the hope of getting her to help with an urgent order at the factory. Still offended by their previous row, Charity refuses, claiming she's paying her way by taking a job with Chas which starts that night. Charity quickly convinces Chas to let her work a shift, to Moira's annoyance. As Carl and Chas row in the pub, Debbie defends Chas, reminding Carl of his affair with Eve. When Carl can't resist wondering when Cameron will fall under Eve's spell too, Debbie grabs a pint and pours it over his head as Chas throws him out and orders Debbie go to the back room. Charity insists that emotional Debbie should have a drink to calm down, but Debbie bursts into tears, explaining that she can't because she's pregnant. Meanwhile, Jimmy begs Rodney to help him win Nicola back, explaining that his life is nothing without her and Angel. Rodney tries to convince Nicola to give Jimmy a chance, but she won't listen. Elsewhere, Dermot tells Declan that he'll lose Ella if he doesn't pay her a bit more attention, and Moira and John force Cain to take some cash for fixing the car.


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