As Debbie starts putting Cameron's clothes into bin bags due to her suspicions, Chas can't resist confronting Eve, who soon insists to Debbie that there's nothing going on. At the same time, Cain sees Cameron in the pub and is quick to accuse him. Furious, Cameron claims that it's lies and races home to see Debbie. He then assures her that he's done nothing wrong, but she recalls the day she saw him and Eve together. Cameron accepts that he shouldn't flirt but says that's all it was. Over at the office, Eve explodes at Carl for lying, before Cameron turns up wanting to speak to Carl. He tries to keep his cool as he needs his job, but when Carl is unrepentant and makes a comment about Debbie, Cameron punches him in the face as Eve and Edna watch on in shock. Meanwhile, Rhona begins to feel Braxton Hicks contractions again while she's having lunch with Paddy and Marlon at the pub. She tries to hide the pain, but Paddy and Marlon worry and Diane helps Rhona to the back room. As the pains ease, Rhona is mortified by all the attention. Marlon points out that she needs to listen to her body and maybe it's time to stop work. Paddy is stunned when Rhona agrees and can't help feeling left out. Elsewhere, Gennie helps Nikhil to choose a watch as a gift for Chas, and Cain berates Charity for not being around for Debbie.


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