Debbie is fuming when Cameron admits that he punched Carl and she tells him to pack his bags. As Cameron tries to convince her that she can trust him, Debbie drops the bombshell and admits she's pregnant, but is unhappy about his reaction. Shocked to hear that she's thinking of having an abortion, Cameron makes his way to Pear Tree and apologises to an unreceptive Carl. Jimmy then forces Carl to accept his apology and give him his job back. When Cameron delivers the news to Debbie, she's pleasantly surprised but is still adamant they can't be together. However, as Cameron insists he's in love and wants to spend the rest of his life with her, Debbie finally relents. Meanwhile, Nicola refuses to accept flowers from Jimmy which have been sent to work. At the same time, Kelly 's optimism is thwarted when Jimmy makes it clear that he's only interested in spending time with Elliot. Later, Rodney approaches and tells Jimmy that he has to keep trying with Nicola but warns him that Kelly will never give up. Later, when another bunch of flowers arrives for Nicola, Rodney tries to make her see that Jimmy still loves her. Elsewhere, Andy's concerned to see Victoria and Alex getting closer, Sam returns home from Norfolk with a present from Alice's auntie Ivy, Gennie hides her upset as Nikhil presents Chas with the watch, Charity is annoyed about Chas and Debbie's heart-to-heart.


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